Besides changing our website, we have created a revolving logo. Why? American Relocation has been our official name but our trade name has slowly become that of Italy Relocation.

Many friends have asked us – Why American Services and why your emails are Italy Relocation? I think we have to go back in history. We originally came to Italy as expats and my husband bought into an existing Swiss moving company called Lavanchy. The swiss have always had a reputation for precision and that is how we wanted to market our company – that was the 80’s. Then in the 90’s , our Swiss partner retired and in the overhaul, we named our company American Services as we wanted our customers to understand that it was not just the movement of household goods but also the offering of services. At the same time, we moved into the business of relocation and also into the business of furniture rental. Since that time, we have an ever-growing demand from our clients based in Italy for their in-country needs as well as their overseas requirements. What a development in these last 35 years!

We won’t yet let go of the double logo – American Relocation and Italy Relocation – for the sake of our clients and our history. We have historically offered precision and service and we will continue to do so as we evolve our service offering with greater relevancy to the changing environment.