As a company we have 4 fundamental objectives:

  • Keeping our commitments to our Clients
  • Performing each service at our best
  • Prompt communication
  • Operating under the highest standards of ethical behavior

We have built strong relationships with valuable Partners around the world. We have also increased our membership participation to include high profile international associations.

Where you can find us

North – Center – South

Our History

Italy Relocation & Services was founded in 1978 and started operating as an International Moving and Storage Company with full door-to-door service.

Through the years it has expanded its repertoire of services to Relocation, Immigration and Furniture Rental.

Our reputation for providing high quality service is well known in Italy and abroad. Our experience in all fields of Global Mobility allows us to provide focused solutions to meet our different Client’s needs.

The Team

The IR team is multi-talented from diverse backgrounds that lend themselves to servicing the Clients.

Gary Eve

Owner and President

A graduate of University of Illinois, Gary was transferred to Italy with an insurance multi-national and got involved in the moving business when a friend asked him a casual question – “What do you think of moving?”  Little did he know that he would end up becoming an owner manager of a moving company.

Deven Eve

Owner and Director

After 10 years in the banking sector, Deven was transferred to Italy where she had lived  as a  youth. Her return to Italy was a dream come true! Deven is a graduate of Mount Holyoke university and subsequently the Joseph M. Katz Graduate  School of Business in  Pittsburgh she naturally gravitated towards the relocation and immigration area.

Josephine Eve

Furniture Rental

has traveled 4  continents and is fluent in 4 languages.  She is the creative heart of the company and has taken on the  important role of project manager on the relocation side of the business.  Josephine is not a newcomer, though, as she has  been part of the team for over 4 years with our language school for adults.   For fun and to keep her brain flexible, ,she flies and climbs mountains.  Also, a “buona forchetta” she helps our clients scout get-aways throughout Italy.

Rita Troncone

Rita is one of our newcomers and follows the financial and accounting part of the company.  She came to our company 3 years ago and has helped us navigate the various laws and regulations imposed on companies during the COVID period.  Her expertise in this area has been of benefit to our clients in the changing climate of administrative requirements in the “new” Italy.  Although not a practicing karate specialist, she is the head of a chapter for children of  Karate and is their “honorary” black belt!

Giulia Sanguineti


Has been part of the team for the last 4 years focusing on clients for the language and children after school activities.  With origins that are both vietnamese/french and Italian, she now works with the home searches and the immigration activities.  A great asset in the immigration field with her background in law.  Extra-curricular activities include restaurant hopping & travelling.  Good source for tips on living  in Milan.

Marco Barbera
Manuela Boni


Coordinating documentation and notarial services

Carlo Bettini


Francesca Cimmino

A psychologist by profession, she assists us in the very south of Italy  – a culture onto itself.  Her immigration skills, when dealing with the public administration, is awesome.  She knows how to get to the heart of the matter and never wavers in her path.  Aside from being active with her small children, she donates her time in eldelry care facilities.


Our Clients

Our clients and partners are corporations, law firms, accounting firms, engineering and technology companies.
Working in compliance with each Company’s mobility policies, we have been rewarded with years of customer’s loyalty.
All this makes us proud today to service no less than 85 countries around the world.